Case Report: Cost of Applying to Med-Peds Residency

In 2016, I applied to 45 Internal Medicine-Pediatrics residency programs. The cost of applying was $769 for 45 programs on ERAS, $80 for a USMLE Transcript Fee and $75 for NRMP Match Registration.

My application to these 45 programs resulted in the following decisions:
Withdraw (8)Rejection (7)No Response (7)Decline (9)Interview (14)
The graph below depicts my spending (excluding food) from 11 weeks on the interview trail. The left side depicts the full price of each flight, while the right shows how Rapid Rewards points I acquired from a Southwest credit card promotion saved me $1,673. (It should be noted that most of my flights originated from Dallas - a Southwest hub.) In general, I chose to rent a car over rideshare because rates were usually cheap and I found it a useful way to explore the city. On a few occasions, my car rental was more expensive because I chose to extend the duration of my visit.

Full Fare Flights:


Southwest Savings:

$4,077 + 90,050 Rapid Rewards Points

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